Steering Committee


The general objectives of the Steering Committee (SC) shall be:

  1. To set the strategic direction of the IRMG and provide higher level oversight of implementation of the initiative;
  2. Optimizing relationship with the donors and ensuring they are aware of the risks associated with delivering our mandates in Uganda


The specific tasks of the Steering Committee of the IRMG shall be:

To recruit and supervise the work of the IRMG Project Manager.

Oversee the quality and timely implementation of the IRMG project, including workplan and budget monitoring.

To review and approve the work plan with quarterly review presented by the IRMGC;

To support the IRMG PM in the recruitment as required

To provide guidance to the IRMG PM as well as hold him/her accountable for achieving results;

Discuss strategic challenges and successes of the project and support corrective action and strategic reorientation where needed;

Steer towards achieving sustainable results through this intervention.

To mobilize relevant technical and support resources within respective organizations part of the IRMG to facilitate the implementation of the project.

To mobilize funding from donors for follow-up work of the IRMG after the initial year of the project.


The Steering Committee (SC) shall be composed of nine (9) Country/Executive Directors of selected NGO partners in the IRMG. If a CD/ED transitions out, the incumbent shall take her or his place, unless the incumbent opts out, in which case a replacement will be elected from among the members of the IRMG through an adhoc election.

The SC is elected among the members that participate in the IRMG. The SC is elected for one year. After one year, 3 of the seats of the Steering Committee will be up for election. If a member wishes to leave the SC within this period, his/her place will be offered to the other IRMG members through an adhoc election.

Steering Committee Members

#Member NameOrganizationOrganization PositionSteering Committee Position
1Wycliffe Nsheka (IRMG Finn Church Aid (FCA)Country DirectorChairperson
2Veronica Ssempebwa Kibo FoundationExecutive DirectorIRMG Co-Chairperson
3Carron Beaumount Plan InternationalActing Country DirectorIRMG Grant Holder
4Apollo Gabazira Care InternationalCountry DirectorIRMG SC Member
5Anders Bastholm HansenDan Church AidCountry DirectorIRMG SC Member
6David AdokeChild’s I FoundationCountry DirectorIRMG SC Member
7Ben BataringayaCommunity Volunteer Initiative for Developement (COVOID)Executive DirectorIRMG SC Member
8Michael Byamukama Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative( REPSSI)Executive DirectorIRMG SC Member
9Edward Mwenduti Simiyu.Mercy Corps.Country DirectorIRMG SC Member